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Best Network Cabling Tool !

Our 4 in 1 cable tool does: Stripping、Untwist、Straighten、Cutting!

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All 4 steps: Stripping, Untwist ,Straighten, Cutting done with 1 Tool !

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4 in 1 Cable Stripper

The only cable tool you need

After multiple R&D steps, this wire stripper is our first patented hand tool of Uhand to be put into mass production.

One tool that combines the four steps of Stripping、Untwist、Straighten、Cutting can save at least 50% of the construction time and produce higher quality cables.

About US

About Uhand tools

For over ten years, our team has been manufacturing and developing tools for communication wiring.

Our wealth of experience in developing tools and the feedback we got from our users gave us the confidence to establish Uhand Tool Limited Company.

We are convinced that the only way to achieve the best results is to produce tools with feedback from practical experience. And to constantly check the quality of the tools with crimp specifications, so that each tool can achieve the best results efficiently.

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