4 in 1 tool

This wire stripper is the first patented hand tool of Uhand to be put into mass production. One tool that combines the four steps of stripping, turning, straightening and cutting can save at least 50% of the construction time and produce higher quality cables.


Stripping the outer skin of the cable, applicable to all specifications of existing network cables (Cat 5e, Cat6, Cat 6a, Cat7, Cat8).


Untwist the twisted pair of cables, using the roller operation method to untwist the twisted cables, which is efficient and reduces hand fatigue.


Straighten the cable by using flexible material to reduce the discomfort caused by continuous hand contact with the cable, and this operation can be done in one step with the previous function of untwisting the twisted cable, effectively reducing construction time.


The cut length of the tool can directly correspond to the standard length of the cable required by the standard RJ45 crystal head to avoid cutting lengths based on personal experience in the field, either too short or too long will lead to poor quality of the network cable.

Now in multiple colors !

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